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Animated GIFs: A Simple & Effective Digital Marketing Tool

Some things are just better in motion. Aside from the traditional graphic or video, animated GIFs are a fun alternative to capture your audience and keep them engaged. GIFs are a major trend in digital marketing and are currently shared even more than JPEG and PNG formats. The fact that people only remember 20 percent of the text they read without visuals is one reason that GIFS have become so popular. They convey emotion and information in a quick and entertaining way that many other mediums can’t match.

What is a GIF? GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, and it’s a file format that supports both static and animated images. It presents a short video clip in a condensed video format without sound. They usually play on a loop and don’t require a play button.

GIFs are created in two ways: with a series of images or with a video. With images, you create the images separately and then combine them to create a GIF. With videos, use a short clip from a video that shows action or movement.

There are many free programs and mobile apps that are great for creating GIFs, such as Giphy and Werble. If you have access to Adobe software, you can also create GIFs in Adobe After Effects. In addition, Instagram’s Boomerang offers a fun way to create GIFs on your phone.

What are some benefits to using GIFs on your social media channels?

  • They Show the Fun Side of Your Brand: Whether you’re teasing a new product or showcasing your company culture, GIFs provide a fun way to promote your brand, like this GIF from Oreo. Most GIFs include bright colors and animations, and they can break up your content to give a fresh look to your social channels.
  • They Get Your Message Across in a Shorter Amount of Time: Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. GIFs are a creative way to quickly educate your audience and get your message across. As GIFs loop forever, your audience can watch as many times as they’d like.
  • They Convey Emotions: GIFs offer a great way to show an emotional reaction to thoughts, situations, news, products, and more.

GIFs are a simple way to bring your content to life. We would love to hear how you use GIFs in your digital marketing campaigns. Feel free to share with us on our Facebook page!

As a communications specialist, Elyssa develops creative and strategic campaigns for clients. She is especially passionate about social media and loves to craft compelling content.