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video2It used to be that creating a great video was only accessible to big brands with the big marketing budgets, however, the power of video marketing has become something no business (large or small) can ignore.  With new technologies and shorter attention spans, video is becoming an invaluable tool to capture your audience.  With more and more businesses pushing to integrate video into their campaigns, here are five of the most frequently asked questions on how to make a great video campaign:

social4A lot of peer firms have been discussing the rise of the pay-to-play model that most social media platforms have transitioned to over the past few years. It is true that social media has become a very competitive market. Check out this fun little site called which shows just how much content is being produced by the second. That is a LOT! It is no wonder that businesses keep turning to paid advertising online to get their message through.

marketingWhen it comes to branding your business there is no shortage of challenges you might encounter along the way.  Moreover, the continued importance of social and digital media has given many companies the opportunity to create some great branding campaigns (and also a few gaffes).   Here are the five biggest brand mistakes a business could make – lest they end up on INC’s “brand blunders” list or Adweek’s yearly brand fails.

Commonwealth Partnerships was pleased to host a special presentation on Monday on the state of the business media in Virginia. The event was a huge success and featured Greg Gilligan, Business Editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Robert Powell, Editor of Virginia Business Magazine, and Michael Schwartz, Editor of Richmond BizSense. The panelists addressed a wide array of issues, including how the business landscape has changed in the Richmond region, the evolution of business news, and what they’re watching in 2015.

checklistSocial media remains a fast-evolving field and it’s important to keep up with new trends and changes. Social Media Marketing World attempts to do this and is one of the largest and most important social media conventions of the year. Held in March, social media influencers, bloggers, marketers, and experts come from all over to discuss social media trends and share insights on panels. This is the weekend when attendees discuss what works, what doesn’t, and collaborate on the latest trends in social media. What have been the 2015 social media trends so far? We break it down according to what came out of the convention and what we’re seeing on the ground: