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Author: Andrew Ryan

videoWe are becoming an increasingly visual society. There are many who bemoan the shorter attention spans recorded today and the decline in reading, however humans have always been visual beings (think back to cave drawings and hieroglyphics). Today we have many more channels witch which to consume visual materials. And consuming it, we certainly are. On YouTube alone there are 4 billion video views a day and users watch 6 billion hours of video per month (yes, billions).  And demographics don’t matter when it comes to viewing videos. We all do it! As QuickSprout reported, online users between 35 – 54 are just as likely to view and search videos as users between 18 – 24.  The video revolution has been happening for many, many years and company’s need to identify how they can leverage video for their marketing and business development efforts. A key component of any successful video is its narrative, which ties the video together and keeps your audience’s attention. We’ve got five tips to develop effective video narratives that deliver:

Awards1As summer comes to a close, we’re about to enter the height of awards season! No, I’m not talking about the upcoming Emmy awards and we’re nowhere near Hollywood’s official awards season that seems to stretch on for months at the beginning of the year. Rather, I’m referring to personal and industry awards, many of which are currently open or will soliciting call for nominations in the coming weeks and months. From top 40 under 40 to projects of the year, every industry offers awards opportunities. As we’ve previously discussed, awards can be great credentialing tools. However, crafting successful award entries takes time and a creative story. Before you dive into awards season, here are five questions you need to ask:

nhrIt can be hard to stand out in a crowded field, as far too many companies know. As the number of communications channels increase it can be more challenging to reach your target market and differentiate yourself. Traditional awareness tactics, like advertising, is expensive and offers diminishing returns. Even media relations or social media alone are rarely enough to break through the deafening noise hitting all of us. Content marketing has grown in popularity, but the sheer number of content options can be overwhelming for many. If you’re feeling lost and searching for a marketing communications tool to help superharge your efforts, consider branded and expert reports.

voiceWe all communicate with one another on a daily basis. Despite the constant stream of communication, from talking to sending texts and tweets, capturing your organization’s voice remains a challenge for many. Trying to relay a brand’s mission and purpose can seem much more complex than engaging in small talk, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s true that there might be more complex ideas to relate, however many of the same basic principles apply.

Finding your organization’s voice really comes down to finding your voice as a communicator. Having a clear voice is critical to establishing consistency, strength, and authenticity. So how do you find that voice? Here are five tips to help:

April 21st was a big day on the calendars of many marketing, web, and search engine professionals. Dubbed “mobilegeddon,” that date indicated the rollout of Google’s mobile friendly update to its search algorithm. There was much fanfare and media hype about this change, which was not too dissimilar from the Y2K scare at the turn of the century. Much like Y2K, mobilegeddon really only came in with a whimper. What has the fallout been in the first few weeks since mobilegeddon?

video2It used to be that creating a great video was only accessible to big brands with the big marketing budgets, however, the power of video marketing has become something no business (large or small) can ignore.  With new technologies and shorter attention spans, video is becoming an invaluable tool to capture your audience.  With more and more businesses pushing to integrate video into their campaigns, here are five of the most frequently asked questions on how to make a great video campaign:

Commonwealth Partnerships was pleased to host a special presentation on Monday on the state of the business media in Virginia. The event was a huge success and featured Greg Gilligan, Business Editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Robert Powell, Editor of Virginia Business Magazine, and Michael Schwartz, Editor of Richmond BizSense. The panelists addressed a wide array of issues, including how the business landscape has changed in the Richmond region, the evolution of business news, and what they’re watching in 2015.

SL5Welcome back to the third and final post in a blog series exploring the senior living industry and three key target audiences: adult children, residents, and grandchildren. By examining these audiences we’ll highlight how to reach them and why sales and marketing efforts should be geared to them. In our first installment we focused on the adult children of potential residents and the vital role they play in senior living decision making. We also took a look at how seniors are increasingly involved in their living choices. Today, we’ll discuss a group that is all too often overlooked: grandchildren. As our society ages and lives longer those grandchildren are often adults when their grandparents are considering senior living options. When talking about grandkids, it’s easy to think of younger children coming to visit their grandparents, but this population of grandchildren can span decades and is increasingly involved in decision making scenarios for their grandparents.