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Author: Mike Gray

During the Fall of 2012, Andrew and I decided to pursue our Accreditation in Public Relations (“APR”). The APR has stood as a signature accreditation within the public relations industry since 1964. More importantly, it requires rigorous testing and continuing education requirements which keep those who carry the letters up-to-date on all the most important trends in communications, media relations, social media, government affairs, crisis management, etc. The APR also stands for ethics. Every individual who applies for the APR must abide by PRSA’s Code of Ethics which includes Honesty, Independence, Loyalty, and Fairness, among others.


Woodward Avenue (Photograph by Mike Gray)

During a tour of the iconic Fisher Building in the the New Center area of Detroit, the owner of the building recounted a story. Last year the firm that had been hired to market the property suggested that the owners install a half-pipe in the Art Deco atrium. The owners asked how that would help drive new tenants to the property. The marketing firm responded: “Finding new tenants is the easy part. Making this property relevant again is the challenge.”

If there was one big take-away from the International Builders’ Show earlier this month it was that the industry is bullish on the 55+ housing market. However, some of those reasons behind that enthusiasm may come as a surprise. Mike attended several seminars and participated in a tour of two major 55+ housing projects in Orlando. Here are some of the major points from those experiences:

The New Year has finally arrived! Many of us were happy to say goodbye to 2016 and usher in a fresh start earlier this week. Among the many revelations over the past year, 2016 lifted the veil on some tried and true PR and communications trends which have been deteriorating for some time. From the way that fake news is impacting media relations to the transformation of a one-click culture to the ways we consume content, let’s take a look at some of the biggest PR communications trends that we’re watching in 2017.

mediatrainSecuring an interview with a media outlet can be an exhilarating experience. Like any interview, these opportunities present individuals with the chance to demonstrate knowledge and/or raise awareness. They also require an ability to think on your feet and manage your tone and demeanor. However, most individuals do not spend an appropriate amount of time preparing for an interview. This mindset can be very dangerous as it could cost a relationship, damage reputations, or even worse. As you would with any job interview, preparation for an interview with a media outlet is an important function of the process. Here are a few tips and tricks to remember:

mediatrain1The public relations profession is one of the most difficult industries to work in because we, as practitioners, have absolutely no control over the end product. Editors, reporters, correspondents, etc. have a great appreciation for what their publics are interested in reading, seeing, and hearing which means they have the final say in what is and is not newsworthy. That is why it is so important for companies to fully embrace and understand the media training process. From gauging the newsworthiness of a story to providing worthwhile information, there are some important first steps that business leaders should know.

computer2In the world of content marketing, the professional services industry has usually been ahead of the curve. Before this now common marketing practice even had a name, professional service providers tried to distinguish themselves through thought leadership and knowledge since that is the basis of their business. Whereas this particular industry sector has been at the forefront of content marketing, the execution of these pieces has not always been beneficial. Here are some best practices for firms to consider when undertaking a content marketing campaign: