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ComputerProfessional service firms come in all shapes and sizes! Regardless of their services, they provide valuable insights to clients in their specific fields. These insights can be used for marketing and business development, but that can sometimes be easier said than done. Many firms have trouble leveraging their experience for business development. There’s lots of upside, even on social media. Check out some of these tips that professional service firms should implement in their social media strategies to promote their work and drive new business:

auditThe dog days of summer are here and this time of year tends to be a bit slower for many. While a lot of people have their sights on beaches or preparing for back to school, the next few weeks offer a great opportunity to evaluate how your various marketing and communications campaigns are preforming. Taking stock of what’s working and what’s not can ensure that you’re leveraging your resources as best as possible. So before you start thinking about planning for next year, spend some time now reviewing how campaigns have performed thus far and make adjustments as needed.

videoAs Americans spend more time online — whether through a mobile device or desktop computer — we’re also consuming more video than ever before. A new report from eMarketer found that the average American adult consumes more than 5.5 hours of video content a day. That’s a lot of video! Not all of it is in the form of video testimonials, but increasingly Americans are more likely to consume video than other types of content.

experienceThe size of newsrooms around the country continues to shrink. Last year, the American Society of News Editors released a report that once again showed double digit decline in newsroom counts. This contraction is difficult for journalists and takes a toll on that industry. It also can result in challenges for public relations professionals. With fewer reporters and producers in newsrooms, those who remain are often covering multiple beats and handling many stories at once. The ability to break through can be difficult for PR pros. Sometimes a press release or pitch simply won’t cut it and get the attention a story might deserve. That’s why we need to get creative when it comes to positioning stories and one such way is by offering journalists something different: an experience.