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newsWhen the term crisis is used, one thinks almost immediately of a negative situation or scenario. An oil spill, fraud, and internal scandals are all good examples of crises. As many PR and communications professionals understand, a crisis calls for a specific and unique plan. Whether in the pre-crisis, crisis, or post-crisis phase, there are targeted strategies that organizations rely on. The Institute for Public Relations has one of the best primers on crisis management and communications available.  The strategies and tactics outlined are based on best practices and thorough research. However, I don’t believe they’re limited to traditional crisis situations. In fact, any time your organization has a highly public project, especially if it involves local officials, you should leverage lessons from crisis communications. This is especially true in terms of real estate PR.

computer2In the world of content marketing, the professional services industry has usually been ahead of the curve. Before this now common marketing practice even had a name, professional service providers tried to distinguish themselves through thought leadership and knowledge since that is the basis of their business. Whereas this particular industry sector has been at the forefront of content marketing, the execution of these pieces has not always been beneficial. Here are some best practices for firms to consider when undertaking a content marketing campaign:

social3A month ago, I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting a Communications class at Virginia Union University and sharing my personal insights and experiences with social media in business. My presentation, titled “The Benefits of Social Media For Your Business,” explained and gave examples of reasons why social media is beneficial to any type of business, and how social media is now a component of any business’ marketing strategy.


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More and more home buyers are using the Internet and social media to help them make decisions throughout the buying process. Many brands, including homebuilders, have trouble coming up with fresh, innovative, and authentic content to incorporate into their social media strategies to entice those potential buyers. However, there’s a simple and effective way to gain great content that comes straight from your target demographic. That’s where social media contests come into play!