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HHHunt Communities Snow Day Photo Contest. (Photo courtesy of Carmen Doherty Photography)

More and more home buyers are using the Internet and social media to help them make decisions throughout the buying process. Many brands, including homebuilders, have trouble coming up with fresh, innovative, and authentic content to incorporate into their social media strategies to entice those potential buyers. However, there’s a simple and effective way to gain great content that comes straight from your target demographic. That’s where social media contests come into play!

blueprintArchitecture, engineering, and construction firms face a variety of challenges when it comes to public relations. The services that A/E/C companies offer are often complex and not highly visible. Firms need to secure permission from clients to discuss projects. There is uncertainty about how to communicate the work to non-professionals. All of these challenges can pose concerns for A/E/C firms, but there are some simple steps that you can use to craft a compelling story.

sl-handsThe boom in the senior living industry over the past several years has spawned numerous opportunities for investors but complicated the decision making process for families seeking a safe and comfortable environment for their loved one. Historically, there were much fewer options when a family decided on assisted living or memory care. The huge influx of aging boomers changed that dynamic as investors seek to get in on the growing market by creating new communities and companies to meet the needs of the population. That is why it is more important than ever for senior living providers to examine public relations as a tool to distinguish their brand, amenities, and care of residents from their competitors. What does that look like? Here are some tips:

socialLast year, we saw the birth of live streaming apps and of giving consumers and clients real-time access to information through live video broadcasting. Companies are already starting to recognize the branding opportunities that these live streaming apps provide, and are using these platforms in ways such as interactive customer support, product demonstrations, sharing breaking news, hosting interviews, sharing promotions or deals, conducting surveys, and much more. Companies such as Wendy’s and Frito-Lay have received publicity for their early adoption of these apps, and have paved the way for other brands to follow. As a result, it’s important to consider using live streaming in your marketing strategy to give your clients a front-row seat into your niche expertise and brand.