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socialLast year, we saw the birth of live streaming apps and of giving consumers and clients real-time access to information through live video broadcasting. Companies are already starting to recognize the branding opportunities that these live streaming apps provide, and are using these platforms in ways such as interactive customer support, product demonstrations, sharing breaking news, hosting interviews, sharing promotions or deals, conducting surveys, and much more. Companies such as Wendy’s and Frito-Lay have received publicity for their early adoption of these apps, and have paved the way for other brands to follow. As a result, it’s important to consider using live streaming in your marketing strategy to give your clients a front-row seat into your niche expertise and brand.

rulersWe often get asked the question about how we measure traditional media relations. It is true that media relations is not as easy to measure as say – direct sales. However, it is actually very easy to measure the results of a campaign if you know what to look for. That is why it is essential for companies to develop goals and objectives before the first pitch goes out the door.

The first step in outlining your objective is bringing all of the stakeholders together to discuss the outcomes that the company hopes to achieve through a media relations campaign and asking them three simple questions: