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RICHMOND, VA – December 8, 2015 – Commonwealth Partnerships announces that its co-founder and Partner Andrew K. Ryan was named among the top three best public relations practitioners under 40 in the United States today by Bulldog Reporter. The awards, which are judged by award-winning journalists from across the country, are recognized as a leader in the public and media relations industry.

socialmedia3Now that 2015 is coming to an end, it’s important to review some of the most successful social media changes and trends that took place within the last year. The overall trend for 2015 seemed to be about convenience and many of the changes that took place on social media were ways to get users to become more engaged. What were some of the best social media successes from 2015?

camerasSenior living communities and businesses face a number of inherent challenges when it comes to PR. Although mindsets are shifting, many still see “senior living” as the same thing as “nursing homes” and have deeply ingrained stereotypes about retirement communities, whether they are independent living, assisted living, or memory. Perception often creates reality and this is especially true in the senior living sector. It’s fairly common for a community’s executive director or sales and marketing director to hear how surprised someone is after a tour; he or she had no idea what senior living communities are really like. Shifting that perception and highlighting the value of senior living communities is a task that nicely aligns with a PR campaign. But how do you break through? With so many senior living communities in existence and in the pipeline, what makes you different?

Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful opportunity for us to take pause and reflect on all of the amazing gifts that we have in our lives. Since our company’s founding in 2009, Andrew and I have been fortunate to have such amazing support from friends, family, and clients. In honor of Thanksgiving, we would like to share what we are most thankful for.