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checklistSocial media remains a fast-evolving field and it’s important to keep up with new trends and changes. Social Media Marketing World attempts to do this and is one of the largest and most important social media conventions of the year. Held in March, social media influencers, bloggers, marketers, and experts come from all over to discuss social media trends and share insights on panels. This is the weekend when attendees discuss what works, what doesn’t, and collaborate on the latest trends in social media. What have been the 2015 social media trends so far? We break it down according to what came out of the convention and what we’re seeing on the ground:

newsletterProviding valuable information to clients, friends, and associates is important for every business. The more you are top of mind, the greater the likelihood of securing a sale or new business. However, don’t be lazy when it comes to e-mail newsletters. The fastest way to turn off a prospect is to over-communicate or to provide irrelevant information. Here are some best practices when creating your newsletter strategy:

C|P|G was honored to be listed among the 50 most generous companies of 2014 according to Richmond BizSense’s Generosity . C|P|G is committed to giving back to our community and to making a positive difference in the lives of others. You can view the entire list:...

SL5Welcome back to the third and final post in a blog series exploring the senior living industry and three key target audiences: adult children, residents, and grandchildren. By examining these audiences we’ll highlight how to reach them and why sales and marketing efforts should be geared to them. In our first installment we focused on the adult children of potential residents and the vital role they play in senior living decision making. We also took a look at how seniors are increasingly involved in their living choices. Today, we’ll discuss a group that is all too often overlooked: grandchildren. As our society ages and lives longer those grandchildren are often adults when their grandparents are considering senior living options. When talking about grandkids, it’s easy to think of younger children coming to visit their grandparents, but this population of grandchildren can span decades and is increasingly involved in decision making scenarios for their grandparents.