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If there was one big take-away from the International Builders’ Show earlier this month it was that the industry is bullish on the 55+ housing market. However, some of those reasons behind that enthusiasm may come as a surprise. Mike attended several seminars and participated in a tour of two major 55+ housing projects in Orlando. Here are some of the major points from those experiences:

The residential construction and new home market continues its rebound from the housing crisis. There were a number of new home design trends, including the role of technology and ways in which it’s becoming integrated into more home functions. Although these trends are important, we wanted to focus on the most significant macro forces shaping the industry.

Last week, Orlando became the hub of the home design and residential real estate industry. The National Association of Home Builder’s annual joint convention — in conjunction with the national association of the kitchen and bath industry — attracted over 80,000 attendees to the Orange County Convention Center. This year’s International Builders’ Show highlighted the latest in new home design and development. Although the building sector is in the midst of a nice upswing, there remains a great deal of disruption, primarily from demographic shifts and new technology that impacts how homes are built and bought. The International Builders’ Show offered a week of education sessions, networking, and a sneak peak at the latest home design and construction trends. The show offered a great deal of insights for any professional or company connected to the new home, multifamily, and 55+ sectors. Here are our top five takeaways from the show:

The New Year has finally arrived! Many of us were happy to say goodbye to 2016 and usher in a fresh start earlier this week. Among the many revelations over the past year, 2016 lifted the veil on some tried and true PR and communications trends which have been deteriorating for some time. From the way that fake news is impacting media relations to the transformation of a one-click culture to the ways we consume content, let’s take a look at some of the biggest PR communications trends that we’re watching in 2017.