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A Senior Living Social Media Love Story
Senior Living, Social Media

Challenge: Commonwealth Senior Living (CSL) is one of the largest independent, assisted living, and memory care providers in Virginia. However, this extensive reach also created a unique problem in terms of messaging. Social media is a powerful tool that has helped CSL reach its target audiences in very different parts of the state. Despite its recent success on social media, the company wanted to better leverage social media as an engagement tool, especially with current residents and their loved ones. Thus, Commonwealth Partnerships (CWP) turned to the most fundamental and basic of human emotions – love. Using Valentine’s Day as a catalyst, residents and their family members submitted stories about how they met and fell in love with their significant others. We then encouraged the general public to vote on their favorite love story. Among the challenges was implementing this campaign simultaneously across each community and coordinating all the stories.

Solution: In order to make the campaign work, CWP crafted a comprehensive plan, including message points, a detailed schedule of when to post content, rules on the voting process, outreach strategies to the general public, and other tactics. Working with CSL, we tailored a communication strategy to each of the communities’ executive directors in order to inform them how to solicit love stories from residents and their families. Participation was key to the success of campaign. We used Valentine’s Day as the catalyst for voting and submissions at the community level, but we would then use the remainder of the month to take the story that received the most votes from each community and put them in a bigger competition hosted by the CSL corporate Facebook post. This would help to accomplish the objective of doing something community-wide and build a greater sense of unity.

Results: The love story campaign was a tremendous success with 19 communities participating and contributing multiple love stories with the most “liked” love story at each community competing against each other. During the course of the campaign, the number of “likes” increased on each of the communities’ Facebook pages and the CSL Corporate page. The range of increase was between 15 percent and 345 percent. Additionally, user engagement skyrocketed anywhere from 250 percent to over 1,000 percent. Leads into the communities also increased as a result of the campaign. Most importantly, the residents had fun. The feedback from residents, family members, and the general public was very strong.