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Brochure Lands Big Bucks
Content Marketing, Real Estate

Challenge: The WVS Companies, a sophisticated real estate development firm, has built a number of complex, mixed-use destinations that include office, retail, restaurant, and residential components. A unique aspect of their business model is that they do not develop projects using conventional funding sources. Rather, projects are funded through private-equity channels. A key challenge that arose was how to communicate effectively with this audience. Commonwealth Partnerships (CWP) was engaged to create a brochure that would highlight the complexity of The WVS Companies brand while speaking directly and succinctly to the businesses that invest in real estate.

Solution: Through our research, we understood that this brochure would need to be direct and contain language that a veteran real estate investor would comprehend. This collateral material could not be a typical sales presentation like something one would give at an open house, but rather it had to focus on the overall philosophy behind the company and the expertise of the partners. The goal of the piece was to easily show businesses how investing in The WVS Companies’ developments provided a strong rate of return. Crafting the right messaging required a balance of the firm’s philosophy and experience with details about potential rate of returns, valuations, and sales. Incorporating appropriate imagery, including renderings, charts, and examples of previous projects helped tie the material together.

Results: The brochure was put into use immediately and helped delivered results. It was sent out to a number of potential investors and partners. After six months in use, the brochure was a key business development tool. The firm saw an increased success rate with a half dozen new meetings and multiple businesses investing millions of dollars into three of WVS’ targeted development projects.