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PR Success Brings New Business
A/E/C, Public Relations

Challenge: Draper Aden Associates, a regional engineering, surveying, and environmental services firm, had an impressive project list, but had not gained earned media coverage over the past several years. Draper engaged Commonwealth Partnerships (CWP) to secure a signature media placement regarding the firm and its use of technology. One of the key challenges was the fact that the subject matter is highly technical. As with any news article, the opportunities for business development success are dependent on the reader knowing exactly what is being talked about. Providing relatable projects and having a non-engineering client speak about Draper’s work was key.

Solution: CWP targeted the weekly “Trade Names” column in the Richmond Times-Dispatch for this placement. Collaborating with the firm, we identified several significant examples of clients from the area who were willing to discuss the firm’s work. We also worked with the reporter to provide additional insight into the technology by inviting her to the office to see firsthand how it worked and was used for clients. This was a particularly important step in the process as she gained a much clearer understanding of the technology and its benefits.

Results: The placement has been a tremendous success. Since the article was published, Draper has received multiple new client inquiries and meetings directly related to the technology covered in the article. These inquiries have resulted in new projects for the firm, a great business development ROI for the placement. Additionally, the article was very well received by friends of the firm and principals at Draper continue to leverage the article in business development meetings and pitches.