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Using LinkedIn Company Pages to Build Online Reputation

Of the 433 million Linkedin users, many view the business-oriented social media site as solely a means to finding a new job and to growing personal business networks. However, LinkedIn has many more exciting features, including company pages. LinkedIn company pages are a highly effective tool for companies looking to gain new business leads and build a positive online reputation.

Just like a personal page, a LinkedIn company page provides your business the opportunity to engage with followers, share exciting company news, show off company culture, promote job opportunities, and more. Here are a couple ways that businesses and organizations are using LinkedIn to build their online reputation:

  • Becoming the Industry Expert: Use your company’s updates to showcase your expertise and establish your brand as a thought leader. For instance, HHHunt, a diversified regional leader in real estate development, consistently shares thought leadership articles, blog posts, company announcements, helpful real estate tips, and other marketing materials that instantly set them apart from competitors. Another great way to showcase your expertise on LinkedIn is with the Q&A section. Find questions that your company can correctly answer in your niche industry to instantly build brand awareness, trustworthiness and credibility.
  • Creating Shareable Content: Unlike business pages on Facebook and other social networks, any and all content related to your company is welcome and encouraged on LinkedIn. Promote your company and showcase how great it is! Post company updates, such as press releases, new hires, new products, expansions, blog posts, and more to attract a following. Encourage your employees to share content as well to increase the reach and visibility of your posts. Not only are they your biggest advocates but by adding them as followers, you can also tap into each of their networks.
  • Establishing New Relationships: LinkedIn gives you the ability to build strong and lasting relationships with customers, potential new customers, and other professionals in the same niche or industry. In addition, company pages provide a place for these new relationships to give endorsements, which further promotes your company’s online reputation. By engaging with others and establishing new relationships, you’re potentially gaining new customers. In fact, according to LinkedIn, 50% of its members said that they’d be more likely to buy from a company that they engage with on the social platform.
  • Joining Relevant Groups: Participate in discussions, give feedback, and offer tips in groups that are related to your target market. Joining groups is another great way to build new relationships with others in your field.

We’d love for you to share on Commonwealth Partnerships’ LinkedIn page some of the strategies that your company has used to build its reputation and to establish itself as a thought leader. Regardless of your industry, it’s important for your company to be active on LinkedIn. By posting relevant content, engaging in discussions, and sharing your expertise, you’ll see positive business results!

As a communications specialist, Elyssa develops creative and strategic campaigns for clients. She is especially passionate about social media and loves to craft compelling content.