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We’re increasingly becoming a visual society as we interact more with photos and videos, regardless of the demographic. The reliance on video has increased greatly in recent years and that trend will continue. Studies now show that we collectively watch over six billion hours of video a month. With more eyeballs looking at more screens, you need a video strategy and it has to help you connect with your target audiences. We have extensive experience working on a variety of video campaigns for companies in our target industries and are here to help you.

You Need Engagement and Emotion

As with any tool, there needs to a strategy behind how you use it. Creating videos just to have them won’t work. The video needs to have a purpose and support your broader business development goals. It needs to reinforce your key messages and build up your brand. The most successful videos are those that connect with your target audience and illicit an emotional response. Videos must also engage and offer a call to action. We work with clients to incorporate both components into videos to ensure they are truly effective.

Leveraging Your Video

Videos can come in many shapes and sizes. The specific content of a video will vary depending on your goal and audience. However, all videos need to connect and feel relatable. That’s one reason that testimonials work so well for businesses. Simply posting the video on YouTube isn’t enough anymore. After producing a video, we partner with clients to help them leverage their videos across multiple platforms and repurpose video content so you get the most out of it.

Video Case Studies